Friday, March 14, 2008

I just got home for springbreak wooooooooooo. as you can tell im pretty psyched about this break this week should be awesome. me and a friend of mine are planning on taking a road trip up to NY. we'll see how things turn out.

but tonight, me and some of my friends who i havnt seen in ages because they go to school 800 miles away are venturing downtown to find ourselves something to do, watch a movie, pop into a party if we hear of one. spontaneity is always fun... except when you wake up and find yourself in the middle of the woods with only one shoe on. not too pleasant. but tonight should be aewsome.
its getting warmer so i had to pull out the skirts. that makes me extremely happy!!!

'cuse the dirty mirror :)
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

give me sunshine and flowers!

i've been meaning to write somtething in this thing, i made it a while ago but never quite got around to it. i just want a place to share my inspiration. i guess i should introduce myself, my name is cynthia and iam kind of reallly awesome.
right now im just psyched for spring to come already! iam so sick of all the layers of clothing and big heavy coats. i just want to put on a light printed summery dress and dance around on the sunkissed medows. and of course you cant mention printed dress without picturing misha barton.

i Love this look the laid back hippie, misha pulls it off well, down to the chain link bag and the snake bracelet. perfection

a bit too simplistic for my taste but none the less, really adoreable. i actually picked up a similar fitting dress the other day from forever 21. i think the fit is very flattering on any body type

this picture does it for me. I need to go dress shopping.

saturday i went to a local show it was pretty rad. some really good bands. i was totally in season denial i decided to wear a vest despite the 30 degree weather outside. im usually totally against animal print, somehome this outfit works for me. i pretty much live in these converses, they are totally boss, the best purchase i've made in a long time.